July 11th: Optomechanical Modeling of the Human Eye Webinar

Jul 11th, 2019

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Event Description:
Femtosecond laser usage has a wide range of applications in the medical field, notably in ophthalmology. However, each patient’s eyes have their own unique morphology, which is critical for the success of surgeries. Incorporated in 2015 with the idea of getting rid of presbyopia with a noninvasive laser procedure, the startup Kejako relies on numerical multiphysics simulation for both developing efficient presbyopia solutions and addressing each patient’s specificity through a unique, acclaimed, and adaptive optomechanical model of the human eye.

In this webinar, we detail the benefits of using simulation, from fundamental research to practical engineering in the biomedical field, through our own experience. We also discuss the influence of numerical simulation on the future of medicine. Finally, through an example, we illustrate how numerical simulation can be a tremendous educational tool. 

Presented by:

Aurélien Maurer
Kejako SA

Christopher Boucher
Technical Product Manager

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