Andy Gillooly

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Sales & Technical Business Development Manager

In 2001, Andy graduated from the University of Birmingham, with a masters degree in physics and received a PhD in fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) from Aston University, England in 2005.

He spent over four years as a senior development engineer at SPI Lasers, developing FBGs and pulsed fiber lasers. During this time, he was a key member of the pulsed laser development team, responsible for transferring the R&D work from the lab and setting up the initial production lines. The pulsed fiber laser is now SPI’s flagship product. After SPI, Andy joined Sharp Laboratories of Europe, responsible for the optical design and technical customer interactions for Sharp's wafer level camera project. Whilst working for Sharp, Andy was sent on secondment to Japan to help integration between the Japanese and UK sites.

In 2009, Andy joined Fibercore where he is currently responsible for technical business development at Fibercore, driving the company forward into new markets with new products. Recent successes have included the global launch of Fibercore’s spun fiber product range, an extended portfolio of fibers for the oil and gas industry and most recently, working with large medical companies to collaborate on specialty optical fiber deployment in medical applications.