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For more than 40 years Sutter Instrument has set the highest standards for performance and innovation. We are experts in micromanipulation, micropipette fabrication, microscopy, optical imaging, amplifiers and microinjection. This year we will be showcasing several exciting new products. The dPatch® is a dual headstage integrated digital patch clamp amplifier with built-in digitizer and comprehensive SutterPatch software that enables the experimenter to quickly set up and perform routine tasks, yet remains highly configurable to meet the demands of the experienced electrophysiologist. The Lambda OBC Optical Beam Combiner is a newly patented concept for combining separate light sources with different spectra into a single output beam. Our engineering team’s extensive expertise in optical system design and motor control as well as a seasoned understanding of customer applications has allowed us to design and build BOB, a flexible open architecture upright microscope for slice electrophysiology. Continuing to build on our extensive expertise in stepper motor control, we introduce the TRIO, a highly-stable 3-axis manipulator system with synthetic 4th axis that can be set in software as any angle between 0 and 90 degrees for diagonal movement. The compact design of the integrated Rotary Optical Encoder (ROE) controller requires minimal bench space. Quality. Precision. Reliability.
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