1920 nm microchip laser available for direct illumination in bioinstrumentation

The FP-2 1920 nm microchip laser from RPMC Lasers provides 2 µJ pulse energies with

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The FP-2 1920 nm microchip laser from RPMC Lasers (O'Fallon, MO) provides 2 µJ pulse energies with <20 ns pulses at rep rates from 1 to 50 kHz in a small, compact package for applications that require high absorption by water. With an M2 <1.3, this laser can be used for direct illumination or coupling through a fiber for integration into units for bioinstrumentation and other applications. The FP-2 is also available at 1064, 1029, 946, 532 and 473 nm wavelengths, and offers sub-nanosecond and high peak-power pulses. At 1064 nm, the FP-2 offers 100 to 200 mW average power with a maximum energy of 20 µJ.

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