Objectives for multiphoton microscopy by Olympus

Two new microscope objectives have debuted for deep multiphoton microscopy of life science specimens up to 8 mm beneath the surface.

Clarity Web

Olympus (Waltham, MA) has introduced two microscope objectives for deep, high-resolution imaging of life science specimens up to 8 mm beneath the surface. The 10x and 25x objectives have utility in multiphoton microscopy that uses clearing techniques such as CLARITY, SCALEVIEW, and SeeDB, along with live-cell imaging and light-sheet microscopy.

Clarity WebCLARITY-processed Thy1-eYFP-expressing mouse brain. The image was acquired with the FV1200 confocal system using a 515 nm laser and a CLARITY-matched 25x lens. (Image courtesy of Dr. Raju Tomer, Deisseroth Lab, Stanford University)

The objectives are compatible with the company's Fluoview FVMPE-RS and FV1200-MPE multiphoton imaging systems, and can be adapted for use with custom-built light-sheet and other single-plane illumination microscopes. A high transmittance range of 400-1600 nm, extending deep into the infrared (IR) spectrum, allows deep imaging with minimal damage to tissue and can be employed to combine conventional multicolor two- and three-photon imaging with label-free methods such as third- and second-harmonic generation. Able to handle immersion in water, clearing reagents, silicone oil, and others, the 10x objective offers refractive index (RI) immersion capability from 1.33 to 1.52, while the 25x offers RI immersion capability of 1.41 to 1.52.

For more information, please visit www.olympusamerica.com.

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