High-power laser diodes for medical and photoacoustic applications by Quantel Laser

A line of high-power laser diodes has uses in ophthalmology and photoacoustic imaging applications.

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A line of high-power laser diodes for ophthalmology and photoacoustic imaging applications by Quantel Laser (Paris, France) offers up to 2 kW peak power at 640 nm in a diode stack, 50 W peak power (or 16 W continuous-wave [CW]) in a 400 μm fiber-coupled package, and 30 W peak power (10 W in CW) in 200 μm core fiber. Features include fast axis collimation with 0.5° FHWM divergence, 40% efficiency at 25°C, and pulse duration from 20 ns to CW mode.

For more information, please visit www.quantel-laser.com.

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