Clerio Vision buys HVC to help commercialize multifocal contact lens product

Clerio Vision's technology enables the laser writing of unique patterns into contact lenses that optimize visual acuity.


Laser vision correction solutions developer Clerio Vision (Rochester, NY) has acquired contact lens maker Hydrogel Vision Corporation (HVC; Sarasota, FL). The transaction brings together HVC's expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of contact lenses with Clerio Vision's multifocal contact lens product pipeline.

HVC is known for its Extreme H2O contact lens line and its multiple differentiated offerings that personalize the contact lens wearing experience. For instance, HVC offers lenses in multiple diameters, with smaller lenses to more comfortably fit those with smaller corneas or narrower eyelids, and larger lenses for those with larger corneas or for improved sports performance.  

HVC contacts are also made from an ultrahydrating material that retains up to 99% of its moisture, which can help to minimize the dryness and itchiness that is often experienced by contact lens wearers late in the day, and may be especially helpful to those who work a lot with screens or live in dryer climates. The company also distributes the only disposable opaque color contacts for those with astigmatism. 

Clerio Vision was founded in 2014 to commercialize breakthrough femtosecond laser research at the University of Rochester. The company's technology enables the laser writing of unique patterns into contact lenses that optimize visual acuity, including superior correction at both far and near distances for those with presbyopia. The company's multifocal contact lens product is currently in clinical development and is expected to be on the market in the next 18 months.  

HVC products are sold in 25 countries, either under the Extreme H2O brand or under one of several private label arrangements. All HVC employees will be retained and its manufacturing and fulfillment activities will continue to be carried out in its locations in Sarasota.  

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. 

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