Optical device for malaria detection to debut in India

A collaboration will work to market a malaria detection platform in India.

A collaboration between BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company; Franklin Lakes, NJ) and Sight Diagnostics (SightDX; New Delhi, India) will work to market SightDX's Parasight malaria detection platform in India.

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The Parasight platform uses computer vision technology to analyze blood samples for malarial parasites. The technology combines innovative software algorithms, specialized optics, and a new sample preparation method, allowing patient samples to be prepared quickly, easily and reliably. The instrument automatically analyzes the sample and provides a diagnostic result within four minutes. The device also provides information on the species of the infecting malarial parasites and provides information that may be used by clinicians to aid in determining the severity of the illness. The diagnostic information is displayed on the instrument's screen and integrates into the facility's lab information management system. The platform has undergone field testing at a number of Indian and international laboratories, during which it demonstrated a high degree of sensitivity and specificity, even at very low levels of infection.

For more information, please visit www.sightdx.com.

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