Tissue and organ biofabricator launches ophthalmology business unit

The company is working to further the use of bioprinted tissues in ophthalmology.

Nov 19th, 2018
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Regenerative medicine company Precise Bio (Winston-Salem, NC), which is working on advancing the use of bioprinted tissues and organs to patients, has launched a dedicated ophthalmology business unit to support attainment of near-term opportunities in the ophthalmology arena as it builds a portfolio of programs in additional indications.

Precise Bio is pursuing different ophthalmic programs, two of which are being undertaken with collaborators, says Aryeh Batt, co-founder and CEO of Precise Bio. The company, which has demonstrated transplantation of a 3D-printed corneal graft in animals, is working to further the use of bioprinted tissues in ophthalmology—it has since developed a 4D biofabrication technology that comprises cell expansion, biomaterials, processes, printing technology, and other required critical technologies. The technology is able to generate complex tissues in a highly reproducible manner and to apply lessons learned from the fabrication of one tissue to the next. The platform can solve critical limitations of existing 3D biofabrication technologies and is paving the way for the engineering of more complex tissues and organs.

Precise Bio's 4D biofabrication platform built around its laser-assisted bioprinting technology. (Courtesy of Precise Bio)

Results of the initial study support the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of the company's technologies and establish a foundation for future development and progress toward human trials. The company's technology platform allows it to advance its printed human cornea program concurrent with the development of other organs and tissues for use in ophthalmic indications. Possibilities include a retinal patch, vision correction lenticules, and solutions for ocular surface diseases.

For more information, please visit www.precise-bio.com.

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