Picosecond laser for medical applications from Attodyne

The compact, air-cooled, picosecond APL-500-1064 (5ps, 25uJ @ 10kHz, M2


The compact, air-cooled, picosecond APL-500-1064 (5ps, 25uJ @ 10kHz, M2 <1.2) and APL-4000-1064 (<10ps, 150uJ @ 10kHz, M2 <1.3) from Attodyne are fiber based dpss lasers that can be pulsed on demand from 0 to 500kHz.

The APL incorporates a non traditional laser cavity that is not susceptible to misalignment or in need of frequent maintenance. Custom versions are available at wavelengths from 1047nm to 6000nm.
Attodyne has developed a novel cold ablation method that results in no side affects to the remaining tissue due to heat. This cold ablation process can be utilized for medical applications that involve soft and hard tissues such as bone (see photo) and teeth. Possible medical applications include corneal sculpting, cardiology and urology applications, precision cancer and endovascular surgery, arthroscopic surgery, dentistry, robotic surgery, plastic and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dermatology and others.

For more information please contact attodyne@rpmclasers.com.

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