Expanding life science microscopy portfolio, Bruker acquires JPK Instruments

Microscopy instrumentation provider JPK adds expertise in live-cell imaging and cellular mechanics, among other techniques.

Microscopy and analytical instrumentation maker Bruker (Billerica, MA) has acquired JPK Instruments (Berlin, Germany), which provides microscopy instrumentation for biomolecular and cellular imaging, as well as force measurements on single molecules, cells, and tissues. JPK adds in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging, cellular mechanics, adhesion, and molecular force measurements, optical trapping, and biological stimulus-response characterization to Bruker.

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Over the past five years, Bruker has developed a life science microscopy business that specializes in advanced technologies for neuroscience, live-cell imaging, and molecular imaging, which will be further augmented by JPK's advanced technologies and applications. Bruker's existing fluorescence microscopy techniques include multiphoton microscopy, swept-field confocal microscopy, superresolution microscopy, and single-plane illumination microscopy.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

For more information, please visit www.bruker.com and www.jpk.com.

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