Lumencor light engine suits microscopy applications

The SPECTRA X light engine from Lumencor allows users the ability to exchange single bandpass filters, offering as many as 21 different bandpasses for use within the visible spectrum.

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The SPECTRA X light engine from Lumencor (Beaverton, OR) allows users the ability to exchange single bandpass filters, offering as many as 21 different bandpasses for use within the visible spectrum. The engine includes six independent sources and a suite of seven filters—one for each color band. Additional filters and filter paddles are also available.

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Lumencor Updates Light Engine Offerings: Intense Solid State Outputs with Added Flexibility, Control and Precision

Superior intensity with user changeable filters, easy control and camera-ready synchronization

Beaverton, Oregon—February 14, 2011—Lumencor, Inc., a biotechnology company developing lighting solutions for the life sciences, announced its newest offerings to the largest crowd on record at the BiOS and Photonics West divisions of SPIE 2011. Featured were a family of options and accessories for Lumencor’s solid state light engines, high performance illuminators for life
science instruments including microscopes.

New light engine options. A new generation SPECTRA X light engine affords the user a set of exchangeable filters to the already spectrally broad SPECTRA 7 light engine®. The SPECTRA line preserves performance in the form of cool, stable, robust, spectrally pure, intense outputs and now offers maximum flexibility on par with a filter wheel. Seven replaceable filters in holders ship with every SPECTRA X purchase.

A Remote Control Accessory (RCA) facilitates control. It allows user operation without a dedicated computer or third party software. The RCA is compatible with 3rd party software control of the illuminator but simplifies light engine operation and reduces start up time.

A Camera Interface Accessory (CIA) elevates SPECTRA light engine® timing to the next level of precision, offering exact synchronization in a complete imaging system. These electronics eliminate lag time, minimize photo-damage to sensitive samples, and ensure biologicals’ exposure to only the required amount of light needed for a given experiment.

A CORE illumination and imaging product expands the light engine offering to provide the complete assembly of optical components required in a reader or scanning instrument. Custom component assembly is integrated via a 3-D baseplate. The assembly is robust and efficient enabling fast-tomarket
product designs for new OEM instruments. Visit our site at

Lumencor, Inc.
Lumencor is a Beaverton, Oregon-based device manufacturer building novel light engines for the life sciences industry. Lumencor light engines provide high quality solutions for lighting subsystems employed by life science instrument manufacturers, bioanalytical researchers and scientists with high power, spectrally pure and stable light sources. The units are designed to simply replace today’s light subsystems as well as for tomorrow’s small, portable analyzers. For more information about Lumencor, including several technology white papers, go to the website at:


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