GWU installs correlative microscopy system at its new research facility

George Washington University will install a correlative light and electron microscopy system at its Science and Engineering Hall.

George Washington University (GWU; Washington, DC) has entered into a partnership with FEI (Hillsboro, OR) in which the company will install a correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) system at GWU's Science and Engineering Hall. The $275 million, 500,000-sq-ft. research facility will feature the CorrSight advanced light microscope, which will be used by professors and their students for life sciences research.

CorrSight is an inverted fluorescence microscope workflow solution for live cell imaging and sample preparation for electron microscopy. The system can image samples with visible light and identify features or events of interest, then prepare and transfer those samples to the electron microscope, including the transfer of target locations.

GWU's research funding has grown by 80 percent in the past decade, which led to the opening of the Science and Engineering Hall on March 4, 2015. Its objective is to provide an environment that cross-pollinates research disciplines, enhances collaboration, and streamlines equipment budgets.

FEI will also provide two transmission electron microscopes and a scanning electron microscope for the new facility.

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