Carl Zeiss "ZEISS On Your Campus" focuses on live-cell imaging

Thornwood, NY--Carl Zeiss MicroImaging will continue its "ZEISS On Your Campus" traveling tour in 2010, with free workshops designed to educate scientists and students in the fundamentals of various microscopy techniques.

Thornwood, NY--Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, a provider of microscopy solutions for a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications, will continue its "ZEISS On Your Campus" (ZOYC) traveling tour in 2010, bringing free workshops designed to educate scientists and their students in the fundamentals of various microscopy techniques to universities across the United States and Canada. ZOYC will provide participants with a unique opportunity to attend educational seminars and participate in live-cell imaging workshops.

Sessions will offer participants the chance to work with VivaTome, Cell Observer SD, and LSM 780 microscope systems, as well as covering more general topics related to digital microscopy. ZOYC 2010 offers participants the opportunity to work with live cells with sessions designed to demonstrate optimization of imaging parameters to minimize phototoxicity, long term focus stabilization, and maintenance of cell viability. Advanced demonstrations will include high-speed imaging, FRAP, FLIP and photo-activation/conversion of various fluorescent proteins.

The three-day workshops will kick off in February 2010 and travel throughout the Northeast, Mid-West, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific in the United States, and Western and Eastern Canada over a six month traveling tour. For information on how to participate, please visit to find a workshop near you. Attendance at workshops is free to all participants. Educational materials and free software for image viewing and manipulation will be provided to registered participants. Additionally, ZEISS will send a complete packet outlining contents and schedules for seminars, hands-on training sessions, and demonstrations in which participants can select content that suits their interests and applications.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss, offers microscopy solutions and systems for research, laboratories, routine and industrial applications. In addition, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging markets microscopy and digital pathology systems for the clinical market, as well as spectral sensors for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

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