IMRA femtosecond fiber laser for multiphoton fluorescence microscopy

The Femtolite FX-100i femtosecond fiber laser from IMRA America offers over 100 mW at 805 nm.

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The Femtolite FX-100i femtosecond fiber laser from IMRA America (Ann Arbor, MI) offers over 100 mW at 805 nm. With sub-120 femtosecond pulses at a repetition rate of 75 MHz, the laser serves as a replacement for Ti:sapphire lasers. Applications include multiphoton fluorescence microscopy, terahertz wave generation and detection, and second harmonic imaging.

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Announcing IMRA’s New Femtolite FX-100i: The World’s Smallest Ti:Sapphire Laser Replacement

Jan. 14, 2011.

IMRA America is pleased to introduce the Femtolite FX-100i, the most compact femtosecond fiber laser to offer over 100 mW at 805 nm. At just 14 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 8 cm tall, the FX-100i laser head has the same footprint as IMRA’s well-known Femtolite Ultra series of miniature femtosecond fiber lasers, an essential advantage for system integration. With sub-120 femtosecond pulses at a repetition rate of 75 MHz, the new laser is an ideal replacement for the ubiquitous Ti:sapphire laser. Target applications include Terahertz wave generation and detection, multiphoton fluorescence microscopy, and second harmonic imaging. The performance and size of the FX-100i create new possibilities for the use of femtosecond lasers in industrial and scientific devices.

The FX-100i is easy to operate directly from the front panel controls or remotely via an RS232 interface. The fiber-based design ensures that no adjustment, alignment or optical tweaking are required. The FX-100i will be in compliance with CE marking. Most importantly, IMRA’s industrial quality control and impeccable reliability guarantee dependable operation for the end user, and peace of mind for the device manufacturer.

The Femtolite FX-100i will be on display and in operation at the upcoming BiOS and Photonics West Exhibitions in San Francisco, January 22 through 27, 2011 (BiOS booth #8418, Photonics West booth #418). Interested parties are encouraged to stop by for a demonstration. Qualified potential customers can also evaluate the laser’s suitability for their applications before purchase through IMRA’s product loan program.

For more information, visit the IMRA website at, or contact:
Leah Clemens
Sales Engineer
(734) 930-2594

About IMRA:
IMRA America, Inc., headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was founded in 1990 as a global-acting company dedicated to being the leader in the development of ultra-fast fiber laser technologies for commercial applications. The company’s pioneering technologies, rigorous quality control and high volume manufacturing operation make IMRA’s products the sound choice for scientific, OEM and industrial use. With their compact size, high stability and maintenance-free operation, IMRA fiber lasers are ideal optical pulse sources for applications in material processing, semiconductor inspection and repair, homeland security, instrumentation, medical diagnostics and therapy, and telecommunications. They are based on IMRA proprietary fiber oscillator, fiber amplifier, and advanced pulse compressor technologies, which are documented in over 150 U.S. and world-wide patents and patent applications. For coverage of Japan and other expanding Asian markets, the IMRA Japan Branch Office in Kariya City, Japan, was opened in April 2010. The company's guiding principle is the visionary philosophy established by Mr. Minoru Toyoda, honorary advisor to IMRA’s parent corporation Aisin Seiki: "World Harmony through the Development and Sharing of Science and Technology.”


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