Imagin Medical, Optel partner to develop optical detection system for bladder cancer

Imagin Medical and Optel will work to help develop an optical imaging system that will detect bladder cancer early.

Imagin Medical (Vancouver, BC, Canada) is partnering with optical product design firm Optel (Rochester, NY) to help further design its i/Blue imaging system prototype, an optical imaging system that will address current limitations in the early detection of bladder cancer through endoscopes.

The system, which combines optical/light sensor technology, white light, and near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence and was initially developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (CA), is estimated to be five orders of magnitude (100,000X) more sensitive than current systems, according to Imagin. The company also expects the system to expose the specifics of the image in less than 15 minutes compared to one hour with conventional fluorescence systems.

Optel works with companies to bring state-of-the-art, optics-based medical devices and other products from concept through design, validation, and into manufacturing. The company will help redesign Imagin's i/Blue Alpha B prototype with the goal of achieving higher imaging performance in a product only 30% the size of the prototype, enabling the i/Blue system to be used as a mobile device that can be easily moved between different operating rooms and physicians' offices. The product will have a modular design that will become a basic platform for Imagin's current and future imaging systems and applications.

Optel will also ensure that the system will be in compliance with the requirements of the FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), European medical device standard ISO 13485, and other international compliance requirements.

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