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Virtual Simulation for Pulse Oximetry Wearables
Now available for on demand viewing.
Free to attend.
Approximately one hour.
Michael Gauvin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Lambda Research Corporation

Pulse oximetry has been utilized by hospitals since the 1970s to monitor oxygen saturation and pulse rate by attaching devices to a patient’s fingertip, forehead or earlobe. Though the application for these devices has gone unchanged since the beginning; the increasing interest in “wearables” has taken pulse oximetry out of the hospital and into the general consumer market.

In this webinar, Michael Gauvin, VP of Sales & Marketing for Lambda Research Company, will demonstrate how medical device engineers can employ the optical simulation software, to accurately predict the performance of their pulse oximetry wearable devices with fewer prototypes to reduce costs and provide validation of new devices.

Join us for this webcast sponsored by Lambda Research Corporation.

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