OCT angiography: Technology and applications
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Nishant Mohan, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Wasatch Photonics

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has become the most widely used optical technique for medical imaging over the last decade. The technology is standard of care for diagnosis and disease management for several ophthalmic conditions and represents a market of over 500 million US dollars per year. Like other established medical imaging technologies, OCT is making its move from structural to functional imaging with advent of OCT angiography. However, unlike most other techniques OCT angiography does not rely on external contrast agents, making it particularly useful.

This presentation will discuss principles and technology behind OCT angiography. A brief history of development of the technique and its applications will be given. We will learn about key methodologies for obtaining angiography contrast from OCT signal. Critical technological factors like wavelength of operation, data acquisition and motion corrections techniques will also be discussed. OCT angiography has already generated excitement in ophthalmology community. Along with ophthalmic applications, other potential applications of angiographic OCT will be explored. The presentation will also detail the impact of this invention on scope of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and what it means for future of this technology. A brief introduction to Wasatch Photonics’ newly introduced MicroAngio system will be provided. We will touch on this system’s key capabilities, particularly in providing researchers and clinicians optimal configurations for angiographic imaging aimed at specific applications.

Nishant Mohan Director of Product Management and Marketing Wasatch Photonics   Nishant-Mohan-120x160
Wasatch Photonics, Inc. :

Wasatch Photonics, Inc. founded in 2002 is the leader in high performance Volume Phase Holographic Gratings and Optical Elements. Products developed by our world class design team include: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging systems, OCT spectrometers, Raman sensors and instrumentation, and hyperspectral imaging systems. The company headquarters and the holographic grating manufacturing facility are located in Logan UT, while the OCT and Raman instrumentation is designed and developed in Durham NC. Wasatch Photonics is committed to serving advances in industrial development and academic research through continual innovation in optical technologies. The company was recognized by its nomination for Prism awards for its high-throughput spectrometer invention.

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