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Spectroscopic applications in life sciences


This webcast, sponsored by Avantes, will describe key spectroscopic methods, including fluorescence, UV/VIS, NIR and Raman.


Understanding and choosing microscope objectives


This webcast, presented by Edmund Optics, will discuss microscope objectives with a goal of helping viewers improve outcomes for their applications.


Optical design fundamentals for bioimaging applications and systems


This webcast will cover the basics of biomedical optics and optical engineering for various biomedical imaging approaches.


The Fundamentals of Quantitative Imaging

02/18/2014 register:WEBCAST

Advances in image-capture rates: Implications for applications


A wide range of biomedical applications benefit from high-speed imaging. Now, a variety of microscope cameras let biologists capture images at rates heretofore impossible, such as 100 frames/second. This webcast, sponsored by Hamamatsu, will explore the developments that have enabled such advances, and the tradeoffs that manufacturers must weight to achieve the latest breakthroughs. It will explain the technologies being used to reach such high frame rates, and discuss the implications for various life sciences disciplines. It will also suggest things to keep in mind when looking for a camera for your specific application. The webcast will use various commercially available imaging systems as examples to illustrate the principles discussed.


Endoscopic imaging with optical coherence tomography


This webcast, sponsored by OFS, will discuss current technical capabilities of endoscopic OCT (EOCT) and how technological advances are driving new applications.