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Virtual Simulation for Pulse Oximetry Wearables


In this webinar, Michael Gauvin, VP of Sales & Marketing for Lambda Research Company, will demonstrate how medical device engineers can employ the optical simulation software, to accurately predict the performance of their pulse oximetry wearable devices with fewer prototypes to reduce costs and provide validation of new devices.


OnDemand Webcasts

High-throughput 3D super-resolution imaging


In this webcast, bioimaging pioneer Peter TC So of MIT will explain the operation and applications of volumetric parallel STED microscopy.


Fluorescence “lifetime” advances in vivo applications


Time-resolved ("lifetime") fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging provide label-free optical molecular contrast of diseased tissues and outperform steady-state fluorescence. Now proven for in vivo applications, including noninvasive diagnostics and endoscopy, fluorescence lifetime is promising for clinical work—but depends on advancement of new, more affordable optics and photonics components.


OCT angiography: Technology and applications


This presentation will discuss principles and technology behind OCT angiography. A brief history of development of the technique and its applications will be given. We will learn about key methodologies for obtaining angiography contrast from OCT signal. Critical technological factors like wavelength of operation, data acquisition and motion corrections techniques will also be discussed. OCT angiography has already generated excitement in ophthalmology community. Along with ophthalmic applications, other potential applications of angiographic OCT will be explored. The presentation will also detail the impact of this invention on scope of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and what it means for future of this technology. A brief introduction to Wasatch Photonics’ newly introduced MicroAngio system will be provided. We will touch on this system’s key capabilities, particularly in providing researchers and clinicians optimal configurations for angiographic imaging aimed at specific applications.


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