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Advances in medical lasers and their applications


Medical and aestheticlasers have benefitted from technological advances that are enabling new applications. In this webcast, Dr. Juanita Anders, president of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, will discuss progress including ultrafastlasers and other advances for professional use, as well as systems for in-home use. She will explain how medical and aesthetic lasers are going beyond the traditional applications of hair removal and skin resurfacing to improve eye surgery, tattoo removal, and laser therapy. And, she will answer questions from the audience.


Intra-operative application of OCT


This webcast, sponsored by Wasatch Photonics, will discuss use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) during surgery, to improve both information available to the surgeon and outcomes for the patient. Using the example of ophthalmic surgery, Dr. Binder will  provide an overview of the commercially available OCT devices available for this application. She'll also use real-world examples to demonstrate how the technology can be helpful, and discuss the implications of OCT for intra-operative use in the future.


OnDemand Webcasts

How to Choose Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy


In this webcast, renowned microscopy specialist Michael W. Davidson will discuss the various modes of super-resolution microscopy and advances in fluorescent probe development for each one.


Raman spectroscopy solves problems in biomedicine


This webcast, sponsored by Princeton Instruments,  will explain how Raman spectroscopy works and describe how this label-free method can complement or even replace standard but unsatisfying medical procedures.


Spectral Imaging for Life Sciences: Progress and Applications


Following an overview of hyperspectral imaging, including a brief history (to place the technique in context for life scientists), and a discussion of imaging principles, this webcast will describe technological progress toward compact system size, efficiency, and speed.


New trends in optical coherence tomography (OCT)


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a noninvasive, high resolution  imaging modality that has become a mainstay in ophthalmology and is now making headway in other applications. This webcast, sponsored by Gooch and Housego and AlazarTech, will look at a number of technology developments that are advancing the technique, and the application areas they promise to impact.


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