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Introduction to AFM for Biology - Touching Molecules, Receptors, and Cells One at a Time


In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) as a tool for molecular and cell biology. We will present recent results from the BioAFM literature and explain how the latest advances in AFM technology have enabled new research elucidating molecular structure, mapping cell surface receptors, and investigating cell mechanobiology as a function of disease state.

Please join us for this event sponsored by Bruker.


OnDemand Webcasts

Serving unmet needs with OCT


What Steve Jobs referred to as “the unmet need” is a barrier to effective treatment, scientific discovery—and equipment sales. Traditionally, developers (engineers) strive for precision, elegance, and maximum theoretical performance (e.g. resolution), whereas the end user (physician or researcher) often has very different requirements. Unfortunately, efforts to bridge this gap can easily become confused.


Maximizing fluorescence performance with LED light engine filters


LED light engines provide great convenience and capability for fluorescence microscopy. But their full performance potential is rarely realized. The good news is that you can fix this problem in your own lab.

Often, LED light engines are being used with conventional filter sets designed for mercury or xenon arc lamps. Because legacy sources differ significantly from LED sources in terms of spectral signature and energy distribution, conventional filter sets may provide suboptimal performance. In this webcast, Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D. , a veteran applications scientist, will discuss an easy means of optimizing imaging system performance using thin-film interference filters. He will explain how a fluorescence analysis software tool can provide accurate, quantitative spectral evaluation of fluorescence measurement systems in an easy-to-use web-based environment. And, he will answer your questions about filters for fluorescence imaging.


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