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Spectral Range

Spectral Range news and technical articles from BioOptics World. Search Spectral Range latest and archived news and articles

  1. Tungsten-halogen light source for spectroscopy by McPherson

    Online Articles

    Fri, 27 Jul 2012

    near infrared continuum output in the 350 to 2500 nm spectral range . The system uses a mirror-condenser and source ..... near Infrared continuum output in the 350 to 2500nm spectral range . The new Model 610 light source system includes a

  2. Confocal imaging platform by Andor Technology

    Online Articles

    Mon, 27 Jun 2016

    Borealis Perfect Illumination Delivery system for confocal and widefield imaging to provide stability, uniformity, and spectral range into the near-infrared region, where autofluorescence can be largely avoided. Confocal illumination by hundreds

  1. Superresolution Microscopy: All-fiber illumination brings superior stability to STED

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 11 Jul 2016

    which the system stably propagates across the visible spectral range . The researchers tested the system's stability with ..... OAM [L = ±1], and TM01) across the visible spectral range . The researchers expect the fiber-based STED illumination

  2. OPTOACOUSTICS/DEEP TISSUE IMAGING: Photoacoustic tomography is ready to revolutionize

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Jan 2013

    illumination (see Fig. 1c). A single laser pulse—with a safe exposure to the tissue (≤20 mJ/cm 2 in the visible spectral range )—yields a 2D image. A clinical ultrasound imaging system has been adapted for concurrent imaging with PACT. This system

  3. CELL BIOLOGY/FLOW CYTOMETRY: Instrumentation advances add flexibility and quantitation to flow cytometry

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 20 Jan 2015

    cytometry and microscopy have relied on tight packing of fluorescence emission bands (colored curves) into the limited spectral range of visible light (wavelength axis λ). This approach is constrained by the breadth of the emission spectra and their

  4. CLINICAL PATHOLOGY/DRUG DEVELOPMENT/LIVE CELL IMAGING: High-confidence, high-throughput screening with high-def IR microspectroscopy

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 18 Mar 2014

    needs. 7 Furthermore, FTIR-based systems are governed by a fundamental tradeoff between spectral resolution and spectral range . That is, signal must be acquired over a wide band to achieve high resolution, even when absorption features are

  5. SPECTRAL IMAGING/MICROSCOPY/ENDOSCOPY: Fast and efficient, image mapping spectrometry advances bioimaging

    Online Articles

    Fri, 1 Jul 2011

    for example, large-format, high-speed and spectral - range arrays), and partly because of its ability to reveal ..... applications where light source compensation is impossible. Spectral range and resolution enable IMS to distinguish among multiple

  6. DSI infrared narrow bandpass optical filters for spectroscopy

    Online Articles

    Thu, 18 Nov 2010

    such as advanced gas sensing . The NBP filters’ IR spectral range detects and identifies concentration levels of gases such ..... as advanced gas-sensing. The NBP filters’ IR spectral range enables the user to detect a particular gas and to

  7. Long-wavelength Raman becomes rugged

    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Jan 2009

    characteristics determine the capability of a spectrometer: spectral range , frequency bandwidth, spectral sampling, and signal-to-noise ratio (S/N). The spectral range should cover enough diagnostic spectral absorption

  8. SPECTROSCOPY/FORENSICS: CSI: Multidimensional Raman spectroscopy

    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 Jan 2012

    comprehensive chemometric methods. Raman spectroscopy uses a variety of laser sources that provide excitation in a wide spectral range covering ultraviolet, visible, and infrared (UV-VIS-NIR). The approach is not limited by physical state, and

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