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  1. Red light-activated switch could boost understanding of learning, memory

    Online Articles

    Wed, 2 Sep 2015

    Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) has developed a red light -sensitive switch that regulates a protein implicated in the neurobiology of synaptic plasticity. The agent promises to shed new light on learning, memory, and neurodegeneration. Related: Optogenetics

  2. Microscopy method renders spinal cord tissue transparent

    Online Articles

    Wed, 28 Dec 2011

    Realizing this, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology (Martinsried, Germany) and international colleagues have ..... spinal cord. ( Image courtesy of the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology ) The Max Planck research team's new method is based on

  1. TILL Photonics two-photon fluorescence microscope for live tissue imaging

    Online Articles

    Thu, 3 Mar 2011

    light collection efficiency for live tissue microscopy in neurobiology and cell biology , among other applications. Using the company ..... collection efficiency for live tissue microscopy. Used mainly in neurobiology , cell biology, biomedicine and pharmacology, the IntraVital2P

  2. Learn about recent developments in image-capture rates for bioimaging

    Online Articles

    Wed, 13 Nov 2013

    faster image-capture rates improve resolution for such temporally sensitive applications as cell biology , embryology, neurobiology , and physiology, as well as live-cell imaging. Related: Sorting out microscope cameras The webcast, to be presented

  3. MOTOR NEURON DISEASE/NEUROSCIENCE: Light-activated neurons control paralyzed muscles

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 May 2014

    a sort of optical pacemaker for the diaphragm," Greensmith said. Dr. Ivo Lieberam of the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London, co-leader of the study, created the light-responsive motor neurons from stem cells

  4. Bruker buys super-res fluorescence microscopy company Vutara

    Online Articles

    Mon, 28 Jul 2014

    atomic force microscopes. Super-resolution microscopes can break the optical diffraction limit by an order of magnitude, opening up a myriad of research opportunities in single-molecule, cellular, and neurobiology processes.

  5. New IR marker enables advanced bioimaging

    Online Articles

    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    quality images. The tests confirming the spectral properties were conducted in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology (Martinsried) and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Berlin). A high level of diversification

  6. BIOIMAGING/CELL BIOLOGY/MICROSCOPY: Refraction alteration and advanced microscopy enable 3-D view of single cells in intact tissue

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Mar 2012

    fast 3-D fluorescence imaging of neuronal networks in the whole mouse brain. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology (Martinsried, Germany) figured out a way to facilitate the work: They replaced the water in spinal cord tissue with an

  7. Digital imaging competition brings bug-eyed splendor

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Mar 2011

    Inc., told BioOptics World . First Prize in the competition went to Dr. Igor Siwanowicz of the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology (Munich, Germany), whose eye-popping image of a Daddy Longlegs reveals the wide-eyed wonder of the specimen, also

  8. MIT's Ed Boyden awarded research prize for optogenetics work

    Online Articles

    Fri, 4 May 2012

    Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT McGovern Institute. There, he leads the Synthetic Neurobiology Group, which develops optogenetic tools for controlling and observing neurons with light, to understand how cognition and

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