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Genome Sequencing

Genome Sequencing news and technical articles from BioOptics World. Search Genome Sequencing latest and archived news and articles

  1. Real-time, whole-genome sequencing helps control hospital outbreak

    Online Articles

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014

    confocal laser -based, whole- genome sequencing to help control a drug-resistant ..... the researchers used whole- genome sequencing (which involved the Illumina ..... decided to switch to whole- genome sequencing mid-way through the outbreak

  2. Whole genome sequencing of chimpanzee parasite reveals clues about human malaria

    Online Articles

    Wed, 30 Mar 2016

    Understanding the origins of emerging diseases - as well as more established disease agents -- is critical to gauge future human infection risks and find new treatment and prevention approaches. This holds true for malaria, which kills more than 500,000 people a year.

  1. PerkinElmer intros next-generation DNA sequencing and analysis services

    Online Articles

    Wed, 26 Jan 2011

    generation DNA sequencing and data analysis services, which offer scientists the capability to outsource their genome sequencing requirements through the company’s sequencing lab in Branford, CT. The facility's sequencing platforms and software

  2. Sequencing of turkey genome underway

    Online Articles

    Fri, 28 Nov 2008

    Tech, commented: "The turkey genome sequencing effort is a community-driven ..... VBI to participate in a Turkey Genome Sequencing Consortium Mini Symposium ..... Harkins, marketing manager for genome sequencing at Roche Applied Science, commented

  3. BIOINSTRUMENTATION: Laser, World of Photonics focuses on bio

    Online Articles

    Wed, 1 Jul 2009

    including live-cell and super-resolution microscopy, single-molecule detection, fluorescence spectroscopy, and genome sequencing (see www.bioopticsworld.com/articles/364708). The technology is capable of simultaneously offering extremely

  4. DNA SEQUENCING/GENOMICS: Toward personalized medicine: 3G DNA sequencing

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Mar 2010

    generation systems. The widely publicized goal of whole- genome sequencing as part of the delivery of personalized medicine ..... cost, is needed to realize the promise of human genome sequencing . How 3G is different: One example Third generation

  5. Beyond genomics: revealing proteomics

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Sep 2009

    sequenced.” And, he predicted that the $1000 goal could be reached in two or three years–at which point genome sequencing could become a routine part of medical practice. Another technology, Pacific Biosciences’ (Menlo Park, CA) Single

  6. International research consortium to conduct 1000 Genomes Project

    Online Articles

    Tue, 22 Jan 2008

    Institute of MIT and Harvard; the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; and the Human Genome Sequencing Center at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston

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