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Cancer news and technical articles from BioOptics World. Search Cancer latest and archived news and articles

  1. Nanoparticles, NIR laser light combine to destroy cancer cells

    Online Articles

    Mon, 8 Aug 2016

    Cancer treatments based on laser irradiation of ..... the tumor are working and can destroy the cancer from within. Knowing this, researchers ..... Denmark) have developed a method that kills cancer cells using nanoparticles and lasers. The

  2. Fluorescence microscopy helps provide new insight into how cancer cells metastasize

    Online Articles

    Thu, 18 Aug 2016

    discovered an alternate theory on how some cancer cells metastasize—work that could lead ..... discovery A commonly held theory about how cancer spreads is that tumor cells break off from ..... addition to the prevailing theory about how cancer spreads—tumor cells also could spread

  1. Flow cytometry analyzes cell population to predict cancer immunotherapy response

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Aug 2016

    not patients will respond to a form of cancer immunotherapy known as checkpoint blockade ..... findings should apply to other types of cancer as well. The research team analyzed tumors ..... drugs, and they have led to remarkable cancer remissions, even in advanced metastatic

  2. Guided Therapeutics ships four additional cervical cancer scanners to Bangladesh

    Online Articles

    Thu, 28 Jul 2016

    tissue to noninvasively diagnose cervical cancer —to Bangladesh for use in the country's cervical cancer screening program. This brings the total ..... there to 12. In Bangladesh, where cervical cancer is the leading cancer among women, the

  3. Cervical cancer device developer Guided Therapeutics enters into license agreement for China

    Online Articles

    Wed, 29 Jun 2016

    Scan, a diagnostic device for cervical cancer that scans the cervix with light and uses ..... use biophotonic device for cervical cancer screening targets developing world Unlike ..... as a means to screen women for cervical cancer where the availability of infrastructure

  4. Collaboration will develop phenotypic personalized medicine platform for cancer patients

    Online Articles

    Mon, 27 Jun 2016

    physiologically relevant ex vivo microenvironments ( cancer patient cells, in this case) to ensure ..... Fluorescing engineered DNA promises personalized cancer therapy Notable Labs helps oncologists ..... company is able to functionally profile cancer cells , which leads to a better understanding

  5. Concordia International photodynamic therapy laser treatment receives FDA approval

    Online Articles

    Wed, 20 Jul 2016

    Photofrin 630 PDT laser, a light-based cancer treatment that combines a photosensitizing ..... light administered by a laser to attack cancer cells. The newly approved photodynamic ..... use with Photofrin to treat esophageal cancer , Barrett's esophagus, and non-small

  6. CANCER DETECTION/FLUORESCENCE IMAGING: 'Smart beacons' target cancer tumors

    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    A major challenge in optical screening of cancer is to locate tumors deep within organs. "Smart ..... instrumentation—meet such challenges for early cancer detection and help distinguish aggressive cancer from indolent disease. The key advantages

  7. Combo microscopy, spectroscopy approach detects ovarian cancer

    Online Articles

    Tue, 23 Apr 2013

    to detect the early presence of ovarian cancer in humans. Their screening approach is ..... themselves. Related: Optical innovations for cancer detection and treatment The research team conducted an ovarian cancer clinical study at NorthShore. Using partial

  8. Photoacoustic imaging shows promise for monitoring prostate cancer noninvasively

    Online Articles

    Wed, 20 Jul 2016

    accurately viewing and monitoring prostate cancer . Read More at Mdtmag The BioOptics World ..... a dye attached to a specific prostate cancer marker (PSMA) reacted to the light waves ..... distinguish cells with and without the cancer marker. Related: Photoacoustic imaging

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