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Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors news and technical articles from BioOptics World. Search Brain Tumors latest and archived news and articles

  1. SPECTROSCOPY/ONCOLOGY/GUIDED SURGERY: Spectroscopy approach tells whether brain tumors are primary or secondary

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Nov 2012

    difference between normal brain tissue and various types of brain tumors . The technique works in living tissue during surgery ..... methods such as immunohistochemistry to diagnose and grade brain tumors to more accurately plan and execute both surgery and

  2. Light-activated nanoparticles zap brain tumors

    Online Articles

    Tue, 1 Feb 2011

    Researchers injected mice with nanoshells and waited for the nanoparticles to accumulate in the glioma tumors. A laser of near-infrared light was then shined at the tumor for three minutes, and the nanoshells converted the laser light into tumor-killing heat.

  1. -NCI -Stanford scientists create nanoparticles that home in on brain tumor

    Online Articles

    Wed, 18 Apr 2012

    of Medicine scientists to remove brain tumors from mice with unprecedented accuracy ..... lab homed in on and highlighted brain tumors , precisely delineating their boundaries ..... while sparing normal brain. 'With brain tumors , surgeons don't have the luxury

  2. NEUROSURGERY/CANCER DETECTION/PROTEOMICS: Regulators approve optical systems for biomedicine

    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 1 May 2013

    second FDA 501(k) clearance for Monteris Medical's (Minneapolis, MN) MRI-guided laser ablation device for brain tumors and other lesions. Called NeuroBlate, the device includes a surgical laser for ablation of diseased brain tissue

  3. Geisinger uses optical molecular imaging for brain cancer research

    Online Articles

    Wed, 25 Jun 2008

    nanospheres to more easily visualize brain tumors and lesions during treatment procedures ..... The goal is to make surgery for brain tumors and inflammatory lesions simpler ..... of the Neuroscience Institute. Brain tumors , which afflict approximately 200

  4. CANCER THERAPY: It is brain surgery

    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Jan 2009

    successfully used ultra-laparoscopic surgery to treat brain tumors . In a pilot program launched in December 2006, the ..... have treated eight volunteers with otherwise inoperable brain tumors resulting from the metastasis of cancers elsewhere in

  5. American Brain Tumor Association accepting research award applications

    Online Articles

    Fri, 29 Aug 2008

    said ABTA Executive Director Elizabeth M. Wilson. "We are funding the future, and hopefully, an ultimate cure for brain tumors ." The Basic Research Fellowships provide salary support to post-doctorate scientists conducting basic brain tumor

  6. LASER SURGERY/CANCER TREATMENT: Real-time interactivity enhances interstitial brain tumor therapy

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 May 2010

    interventions for the treatment of brain tumors , but they have drawbacks and limitations ..... thermal therapy for treatment of brain tumors has rarely been an option. That ..... therapy are low in the treatment of brain tumors –and benefits have been immediate

  7. Neurosurgery/Laser Therapy: Laser opens blood-brain barrier for chemotherapy

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 18 Mar 2016

    Laser technology was FDA-approved for surgical treatment of brain tumors in 2009. Now, new research demonstrates the ability of 1064 nm laser light to disrupt the blood-brain barrier, which protects

  8. Monteris earns FDA approval of MRI-guided laser surgery tool for "inoperable" brain cancer treatment

    Online Articles

    Mon, 18 May 2009

    Medical Center. The first applications of the technology are expected to be for the treatment of otherwise inoperable brain tumors . The system uses an MRI-guided laser probe, passed through a small bur hole in the skull, to deliver laser interstitial

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