Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the inaugural Strategies in Biophotonics conference in October 2014. Unfortunately we've made the decision to not continue with the event going forward. Best wishes to all exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. 

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X-ray laser findings could help engineer protein to kill mosquitoes carrying dengue, Zika

An x-ray laser helped show how insecticidal protein crystals produced by bacteria could combat dengue fever and the Zika virus.

Wearable microscope can measure fluorescent dyes through skin

A mobile microscope can detect and monitor fluorescent biomarkers inside the skin with a high level of sensitivity.

Fluorescence microscopy shows how scavenger cells repair muscle fibers

A team of researchers was able to observe the muscle repair process using fluorescence microscopy.

Single-stage DPSS amplifier for life science applications by Unilase

A compact single-stage laser amplifier for life science applications can scale up continuous-wave or pulsed low-power seed lasers to several watts of laser power.

Rebecca Richards-Kortum named 2016 MacArthur Fellow for translational research in bio

Rice University bioengineer and global-health pioneer Rebecca Richards-Kortum has received a coveted MacArthur Fellowship.

New fluorescent protein could improve super-resolution microscopy of live cells

One major challenge in live-cell super-resolution microscopy is the absence of optimal fluorescent probes.

Photoacoustic flow cytometry could allow early thrombosis detection

Researchers conducted a series of experiments on mice to detect thrombosis using photoacoustic flow cytometry.

Super-resolution microscopy observes previously unknown arrangement of bacterial plasmids

Super-resolution microscopy observed an arrangement of bacterial plasmids that carry genes responsible for antibiotic resistance.

Johnson & Johnson to acquire ophthalmic device maker Abbott Medical Optics for $4.33B

The acquisition will include Abbott's ophthalmic products in cataract surgery, laser refractive surgery, and consumer eye health.

Piezo stage for super-resolution microscopy by PI

The PInano II high-resolution XY/XYZ multi-axis positioning stages include a piezo scanner, software, and digital servo piezo controller.

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