Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the inaugural Strategies in Biophotonics conference in October 2014. Unfortunately we've made the decision to not continue with the event going forward. Best wishes to all exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. 

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On-chip fluorescence detection method can identify multiple flu viruses

A novel fluorescence detection method performs diagnostic assays for multiple strains of flu virus on a small optofluidic chip.

Multiphoton imaging system by Scientifica

The ChromoFlex multiphoton imaging system from Scientifica enables simultaneous imaging of up to four different color dyes.

Optogenetics enables study of cardiac arrhythmias in nematodes

Optogenetics using a particular type of nematode could be used to to test substances for treating cardiac arrhythmias.

sCMOS camera for super-resolution microscopy by Photometrics

The Prime 4.2 Mpixel sCMOS camera from Photometrics actively defeats the negative impact of Poisson noise in low-light images.

UV light-reflecting catheter can fix holes in the heart noninvasively

A UV light-reflecting catheter can fix holes in the heart without the need for open-heart surgery.

Glowing protein could serve as light source for optogenetics

A tool for optogenetics uses a glowing protein from coral as the light source instead of a fiber-optic cable.

Precision Biopsy set to speed commercialization of optical fiber-driven biopsy system for prostate cancer

An optical fiber-driven system for real-time classification of prostate cancer during biopsies has raised $33.6 million in new funding.

Novadaq, Arthrex to combine fluorescence imaging and 4K white-light endoscopy technologies

Fluorescence imaging solutions provider Novadaq has entered into a co-marketing agreement with medical device maker Arthrex.

UV LED fiber curing system by Excelitas Technologies

The OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED fiber curing system has a custom optical design for curing fiber optic coatings in medical device manufacturing.

Newly developed far-red DNA stain can image living cells

A new DNA stain can be used to safely image live mammalian cells for days, even under demanding imaging conditions.

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