Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the inaugural Strategies in Biophotonics conference in October 2014. Unfortunately we've made the decision to not continue with the event going forward. Best wishes to all exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. 

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MELA Sciences acquires PhotoMedex's dermatology laser and light businesses

MELA Sciences has acquired the dermatology laser and light businesses from PhotoMedex for $42.5 million in cash.

Portable ophthalmoscope to get telemedicine, cloud storage, and analytical capabilities

A portable ophthalmoscope maker has entered into a partnership in which it will add cloud-based data management and other capabilities.

Fluorescence lifetime system by Horiba Scientific

The Ultima time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) fluorescence lifetime system is optimized for short lifetime measurements.

Confocal laser-scanning microscopy shows how wound healing influences cancer

A microscopy technique enabled study of the larvae of zebrafish to reveal how wound healing leads to skin cancer.

Z-axis piezo nanopositioners by Aerotech

QNP-Z series piezo nanopositioning stages for microscopy offer resolution to 0.15 nm.

DNA sequencing discovers new genetic form of obesity and diabetes

Ultra-high-throughput DNA sequencing enabled discovery of a new inherited form of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans.

Hospital light fixture that kills bacteria to become commercially available

The Indigo-Clean light fixture continuously kills harmful bacteria linked to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Shoebox-sized, inexpensive, and automated flow cytometer counts cancer cells in blood

A new flow cytometer in development is cheap to produce, no bigger than a shoebox, and automated for counting cancer cells.

Illumination system for fluorescence microscopy by Prior Scientific

The Lumen 1600-LED mercury-free fluorescence illumination system has use in advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques.

New super-resolution microscopy method is possible with single objective

A newly developed super-resolution microscopy method requires only a single objective and works with standard microscopy systems.

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