Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the inaugural Strategies in Biophotonics conference in October 2014. Unfortunately we've made the decision to not continue with the event going forward. Best wishes to all exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. 

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Researchers with Carnegie Mellon's BrainHub have discovered a mechanism for synaptic cloaking in the brain's neocortex

Optogenetics finds what regulates synaptic activity in the neocortex

Using optogenetics, a team of scientists has found that a specific type of neuron might be thwarting their efforts at mapping the connectome.

Scalable RNA sequencing service by Beckman Coulter Genomics

Beckman Coulter Genomics has added stranded, ribodepletion, and globin reduction library construction options to its existing RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) services.

Cherenkov effect improves optical dosimetry for safer cancer therapy

Cherenkov effect improves optical dosimetry for safer cancer therapy

The Cherenkov effect can be measured and used in optical dosimetry to make cancer therapies safer and more effective.

Deep-cooled scientific spectroscopy camera by Horiba Scientific

The Synapse EM deep-cooled EMCCD scientific camera has uses in low-light and ultrafast spectroscopy experiments.

Optical nanocubes have utility in biosensors

Cubic-shaped optical nanoantennas could measure food safety, identify air pollutants, and quickly diagnose and treat cancer.

DNA nanotube assembly method shows promise for optoelectronics, drug delivery

Researchers have developed a new, low-cost method to build DNA nanotubes block by block.

23andMe direct-to-consumer genetic test receives FDA clearance

The FDA has approved 23andMe's direct-to-consumer genetic test.

Hybrid gold nanoparticles could pair cancer imaging, therapy

A team of researchers has developed hybrid gold-silica nanoparticles that make it possible to combine two forms of tumor treatment with three bioimaging techniques.

CCD color camera for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy by Leica Microsystems

The DFC7000 T digital CCD color camera from Leica Microsystems has uses in brightfield and fluorescence microscopy applications.

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond could potentially determine the structure of single protein molecules at room temperature

Laser technique uses diamond defects to reveal protein structures in great detail

A new technique shows promise for producing highly detailed images of individual proteins without the need for crystallization.

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