Editorial Contacts

   Barbara Gefvert
    Tel: 603.891.9194

Barbara G. Gefvert has been a science and technology editor and writer since 1987, and served as editor in chief on multiple publications, including Sensors magazine for nearly a decade.


    Lee Dubay
    Associate Editor

    Tel: 603.891.9116

Lee Dubay
, who also works on Industrial Laser Solutions and Laser Focus World, has been a science and technology editor on multiple publications since 2004, including two years as the assistant editor of Advanced Packaging, Connector Specifier, and SMT magazines.

BioOptics World Sales Contacts

Jeff Nichols
North America & Canada - East
Phone: 413-442-2526
Anne Marie St. John-Brooks
North America & Canada - West
Phone: 510-606-0630
Holger Gerisch
Verlagsbuero Gerisch
Hauptstrasse 16
Seeshaupt, D-82402
Phone: 49.0.8801.9153791

BioOptics World Webcasts

Virtual Simulation for Pulse Oximetry Wearables

In this webinar, Michael Gauvin, VP of Sales & Marketing for Lambda Research Company, will demonstrate how medical device engineers can employ the optica...

High-throughput 3D super-resolution imaging

In this webcast, bioimaging pioneer Peter TC So of MIT will explain the operation and applications of volumetric parallel STED microscopy.

Fluorescence “lifetime” advances in vivo applications

Time-resolved ("lifetime") fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging provide label-free optical molecular contrast of diseased tissues and outperform s...



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