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'Nanoballoons' better target cancer cells

Researchers are developing a better drug delivery method by encapsulating the drugs in nanoballoons—tiny modified liposomes that, upon being struck by a red laser, pop open and deliver concentrated doses of medicine.


Future cytometry: Going with—or without—the flow

Recent advances in optics and electronics could make cytometric technology highly affordable and broadly applicable within the next few years.


High-confidence, high-throughput screening with high-def IR microspectroscopy

High-definition infrared (IR) microspectroscopic imaging in a desktop system enables high-throughput cell and tissue screening for clinical diagnostics and drug discovery.


Getting started with spectral imaging

Many consider spectral imaging—which reveals both the chemical signature and the spatial structure of specimens—to be the next essential research tool.

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Biophotonics and Life Sciences News

Study shows that Google Glass has potential use in surgical settings

04/16/2014 An international team of researchers has shown the potential applications for Google Glass in the surgical setting, particularly in relation to training.

Nencki Institute opens new lab focused on Alzheimer’s disease study

04/15/2014 The Neurobiology Center at the Nencki Institute has opened a new lab—the Laboratory of Preclinical Studies of Higher Standard—which will be used to conduct b...

Blue light-activated neurons from stem cells could restore function to paralyzed muscles

04/14/2014 Scientists at University College London (UCL) and King’s College London, both in England, have found a new way to artificially control muscles using light, w...

UV disinfection: LEDs versus lamps

04/11/2014 Finally, the amazing benefits of light are being harnessed in everyday applications that improve health and the environment while reducing energy consumption...

Strategies in Biophotonics announces schedule of speakers

04/11/2014 The first Strategies in Biophotonics conference and exhibition, scheduled to take place September 9-11, 2014, in Boston, MA, has announced its lineup of spea...

Philips steps up as first corporate sponsor for 2015 International Year of Light

04/10/2014 Royal Philips was applauded by the OSA for signing on as the first patron sponsor of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015).

Google Glass promising as assistive aid for Parkinson's patients

04/10/2014 Researchers at Newcastle University are investigating Google Glass as an assistive aid to help people with Parkinson’s disease extend their independence.


Technical Digests

Low-cost, high-power innovations in light microscopy

Advances in light microscopy have enabled life scientists to make remarkable progress. The technologies behind these impro...

Deep Tissue Imaging with Two-photon Microscopy

A limitation of optical approaches to bioimaging is depth. But multiphoton approaches enable biomedical investigators to l...

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Spectroscopic applications in life sciences

This webcast, sponsored by Avantes, will describe key spectroscopic methods, including fluorescence, UV/VIS, NIR and Raman.

Understanding and choosing microscope objectives

This webcast, presented by Edmund Optics, will discuss microscope objectives with a goal of helping viewers improve outcomes for their applications.
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