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Fluorescence microscope

The BIOREVO BZ-9000 fluorescence microscope for fluorescence, brightfield and phase-contrast imaging enables switching between up to four different fluorescent channels, and integrates a motorized six-objective lens revolver, motorized stage, electronically controlled filter turret and sample enclosure. Features include a high-sensitivity 12 bit monochrome camera, a Z-stack and image stitching function, and options for quantitative analysis.

Fluorescence microscope

Keyence, Elmwood Park, NJ,

Pulsed diode lasers

The LDH Series 500 and 510 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser heads produce pulse durations as short as 130 ps for fluorescence microscopy. The pulsed laser heads are also available in a dual-mode version that allows picosecond pulsed and CW operation. Specifications include center wavelength ±10 nm and repetition rate from single-shot to 40 MHz.

Pulsed diode lasers

PicoQuant, Berlin-Adlershof, Germany,

Laser system

Compatible with all microscopes, the LYKOS laser system for clinical and fertility research features a 1450 nm infrared solid-state laser diode and the company’s RED-i target locator built directly inside the 40x objective to eliminate alignment procedures. Additional features include three turret adapters, a video camera with up to 8x zoom, and laser drilling software.

LYKOS laser system for clinical and fertility research

Hamilton Thorne, Beverly, MA,


The GHz Nirvana photoreceiver includes an auto-balance feature to eliminate thermal drift, wavelength dependence, and the need to optically balance the detectors. Features include an operating wavelength range of 900–1650 nm to cut laser noise effects by 25 dB, rise time <1 ns, and peak responsivity at 30,000 A/W. When used in swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT), the photoreceiver uses both high-speed balanced and auto-balanced detection.

GHz Nirvana photoreceiver

New Focus, a Newport Corp. brand, Santa Clara, CA

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