Vibration isolation platforms by Newport

LIP275 and LIP175 series lab isolation platforms from Newport

LIP275 and LIP175 series lab isolation platforms from Newport (Irvine, CA) provide vibration isolation for lab balances and other sensitive equipment such as microscopes or shakers. The LIP275 model is supported by three or four vibration isolation bearings, which employ the company's patented vibration isolation technology and protect sensitive equipment from ambient vibrations and mechanical shocks. Platform sizes range from 8 x 10 to 12 x 22 in., with a load capacity up to 52 lbs. The LIP175 model features patent-pending elastomeric bearings that isolate vibrations horizontally and vertically--in sizes from 9 x 12 to 12 x 22 in. and for loads up to 40 lbs.--for low- to medium-power microscopes, balances, and other vibration-sensitive equipment.

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