Fluorescence flow cytometer by Sysmex UK

Sysmex UK XE-5000 fluorescence flow cytometer

The XE-5000 fluorescence flow cytometer by Sysmex UK (Milton Keynes, England) uses a diode laser bench to analyze red and white blood cell populations, giving a comprehensive profile of up to 67 parameters. The company's eMM flagging system further drives down blood film review rates and speeds up sample processing. The system can perform 150 full blood count (FBC) and while blood count (WBC) differentials per hour, as well as fluorescent optical platelet counts in the presence of giant platelets or micro/fragmented red blood cells (RBCs).

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Increased productivity and world-class reliability

The XE-5000 is a high volume analyzer that offers unique clinical parameters to aid in better patient care. Both red and white blood cell populations are analyzed using fluorescence flow cytometry to give a comprehensive profile of up to 67 parameters.

The XE-5000 also provides the unique eMM flagging system to further drive down blood film review rates and speed up sample processing. This new system meets a wide range of laboratory needs, from screening to specialized testing. It provides the ability to rapidly analyze body fluids for 7 parameters, including a 2-part differential.


* Future proofs your capacity over the contract period without compromising on turnaround times with less hardware.

* Improved patient turnaround and staff utilization particularly in neonatal units

* Provides improved clinical management in patient care

* Minimizes manual intervention and the time required to produce the correct platelet count increasing productivity and efficiency

* Minimizes labor costs, maximizing productivity and efficiency of the laboratory

* Accurate FDA approved Immature Granulocyte count means your I.T. can auto-validate more precisely and your clinicians can monitor sepsis more accurately.


* 150 FBC and WBC differentials per hour

* Fully automated and accurate Nucleated Red Cell Count which automatically corrects the WBC and WBC differential

* Fully automated Reticulocyte count with Immature Reticulocyte fraction

* Fluorescent optical Platelet count for accurate platelet counts in the presence of giant platelets or micro/fragmented Red Blood Cell

* Perform automated cell counts on bodyfluids (e.g. CSF, ascites)

* Can be Integrated and scalable within the Sysmex HST Workflow Solution


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