NKT Photonics supercontinuum fiber lasers for fluorescence imaging


The SuperK EXTREME eco-system from NKT Photonics (Birkerød, Denmark) offers a product range spanning different spectra and power levels and an accessory portfolio that allows on-the-fly variation of repetition rate, flexible wavelength tuning systems and spectral shaping options for applications in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), optical coherence tomography (OCT), and non-contact inspection.

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SuperK EXTREME™ - The New Generation of Supercontinuum Fiber Lasers

Birkerød, Denmark (January 17th 2011), NKT Photonics – the pioneer and commercial manufacturer of supercontinuum fiber laser technology – will launch the next generation SuperK EXTREME eco-system at the Photonics West 2011 Exhibition in San Francisco.

The SuperK EXTREME eco-system now offers an increased product range spanning different spectra and power levels, together with an extensive and intelligent accessory portfolio allowing on-the-fly variation of repetition rate, flexible wavelength tuning systems and optimized spectral shaping options for applications in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, FLIM, FRET, OCT, non-contact inspection and any other application which requires light that is “broad as a lamp and bright as a laser”. A complete re-designed software suite, SuperKontrol, allows full PC control of the SuperK EXTREME system through a straightforward graphic user interface. An additional software development kit further extends the flexibility of the SuperK EXTREME system, allowing users to meet their most demanding critical timing sequences or triggering requirements. As always, the core of the SuperK EXTREME system is based on NKT Photonics world-renowned photonic crystal fiber technology, which has been delivering high performance and reliable supercontinuum solutions for over a decade.

“The next generation SuperK EXTREME is part of a new intelligent SuperK eco-system where we have focused on ease of use, flexibility and reliability. Our goal was to develop a revolutionary supercontinuum white light laser system to meet the present and future challenges of our industrial and academic customers, and with this new product we have achieved that goal” says Chuong Tran, VP of Sales and Marketing, NKT Photonics.

The new SuperK EXTREME and accessories carry a unique on-board intelligence which provides true Plug ‘n’ Play operation. Users simply connect modules together without the need for special setup or configuration and the SuperK automatically takes cares of installation and control. Moreover, this intelligence allows the user to upgrade the SuperK EXTREME to another power or spectral level on-site without having to return the system to the factory. Thus, users can incrementally build and expand their SuperK system to cater for their evolving application needs over time.

“SuperK systems delivering over 8W of total power and greater than 2W of visible power have already been realized, giving testament to the high reliability and performance of the SuperK EXTREME series. Our emphasis on reliability has led to systems exhibiting documented lifetimes of over 15,000 hours, making the SuperK EXTREME a realistic maintenance-free alternative for OEM and industrial applications. We are excited to be able to offer our customers a new and improved product with the combination of highest power, industrial reliability and ease of use through our leading edge in-house PCF technology” concluded Chuong Tran.

The new SuperK EXTREME system will be revealed at BiOS and Photonics West 2011 in San Francisco. Please visit our booth #723 and our website for more detail information. http://www.nktphotonics.com


Posted by Lee Mather

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