Immunoassay platform from Zoiray for pathogen identification and biomedical research


The Spectral Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (SRIB) from Zoíray Technologies, Inc. (Zoíray) is a multiplexed immunoassay platform that identifies the presence of specific protein biomarkers in blood, urine or saliva, and enables many immunoassays to be multiplexed on one small, disposable chip. Its tabletop design incorporates a class IIIb tunable laser, high-resolution camera, fluidics and digital control to automatically carry out specimen delivery, reagent introduction, optical interrogation, specimen disposal and data analysis.



Bodkin Design Helps to Launch New Product for Start-up Zoίray Technologies, Inc


Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) working with Boston University and Zoíray Technologies, Inc
(Zoíray) has succeeded in converting their basic research into a commercial instrument. The Spectral
Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (SRIB) is a multiplexed immunoassay platform for life science research and
clinical diagnostics. Immunoassays that identify the presence of specific protein biomarkers in blood, urine, or
saliva constitute a vital tool in modern healthcare. Zoíray’s technology enables many immunoassays to be
multiplexed on to one small disposable chip.

According to Dr. David A. Bergstein PhD, Founder and CEO of Zoíray, “Bodkin Design developed several
approaches that balanced manufacturing costs, ease-of-use, and measurement sensitivity to arrive at the best
solution for moving the protein array sensor to market.”

The final design incorporates a class IIIb tunable laser, high resolution camera, fluidics, and digital control. The system automatically carries out specimen delivery, reagent introduction, optical interrogation, specimen
disposal and data analysis; all in a compact table top unit. During operation, a biochip containing active
proteins is loaded into the device. The user then prompts the system to deliver the specimen and reagents to
the reaction flow cell, where incubation takes place. The sample is optically probed with the laser and
evaluated. Thousands of interactions are captured simultaneously and analyzed using the built in camera and

Key applications of the SRIB include biomedical research, disease pathogen identification and homeland
security. For more information, visit

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