Peloton Diagnostics founder chosen for Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum

NOVEMBER 9, 2008 -- Linda Smith, founder of Peloton Diagnostics Corp. (Wellesley, MA) and Ceres, has been selected to participate in the inauguration of Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum 2008, (November 12-16, Palm Springs, CA). As one of five aspiring women entrepreneurs, Smith was selected by an independent panel of judges to attend the Forum, complements of Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young designed the Winning Women Program for a select group of women whose emerging entrepreneurial ventures offer true promise.

Smith founded and incubated Peloton Diagnostics at Babson College's Hatchery in 2006. The company supplies medical diagnostics tools based on optical imaging technologies that promise to advance the practice of preventative and personalized medicine. Its products are designed to simplify the use of optical imaging as a drug discovery tool and make clinical and point-of-care use practical. Ceres offers strategic planning, business development, marketing, and investment banking advisory services to buyers and sellers of small and middle market firms and to entrepreneurs building early stage ventures.

Ernst & Young's Strategic Growth Forum offers content on current growth-oriented business topics, networking with leading CEOs, business advisors and investors and celebration of the nation's best entrepreneurs at the 22nd annual U.S. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

"I am honored to participate in this innovative and inspirational forum among the world's top CEOs, sources of capital, industry experts and government officials," said Linda Smith. "While a significant opportunity for Peloton, the guidance and personal relationships attained and developed that week will be invaluable for my clients at Ceres, who too are leading and financing growing technology companies."

Peloton Diagnostics supplies medical and clinical diagnostics tools based on optical imaging technologies to advance the practice of preventative and personalized medicine. Products will address the need for low equipment demand, standards and bioinformatics that will simplify the use of optical imaging as a drug discovery tool and make clinical and point-of-care use practical.

The Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College aims to create, support and disseminate best practice for women's entrepreneurial leadership through educational excellence, innovative professional development and outreach and research that translates data into knowledge and knowledge into action.

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Peloton Diagnostics
Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College

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