Diagnostics interpretation service for PillCam video capsules

Given Imaging's (Yoqneam, Israel) VueSpan Diagnostic Service facilitates the reading and interpretation of video studies generated by the company's PillCam capsule endoscopy system, useful for diagnosing small bowel tumors, occult gastrointestinal bleeding and suspected Crohn's disease.

The service promises to deliver diagnostic results within five days. It facilitates access to an independent faculty of gastroenterologists with recognized experience in capsule endoscopy. In doing so, the service removes the learning curve associated with initiating a capsule endoscopy program.

"VueSpan is a great service for any physician looking to maximize patient care and productivity in a busy environment. It has allowed me to offer gold standard small bowel diagnosis with efficiency while collaborating with other GI physicians who are experts in their field," said Robert Fath, M.D., Scarsdale Medical Group. "VueSpan is a valuable service that will give more patients access to a tool that is clinically proven to accelerate diagnosis of many small bowel disorders."

The VueSpan service is offered by Given Imaging, makers of the PillCam SB capsule endoscope for visualizing the small bowel and PillCam ESO for visualizing the esophagus. VueSpan's readers have extensive experience reading PillCam studies across a variety of small bowel and esophageal diseases. Readers must be licensed in the same state in which the prescribing physician is located. Currently VueSpan is being offered in 14 states and is expanding nationwide.

"Having read more than 2,000 PillCam capsule endoscopy videos, I have a high degree of familiarity with what to look for with a broad range of small bowel pathologies," said Blair Lewis, M.D., Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York and a consultant to Given Imaging. "With VueSpan I can apply my expertise in this area so that other gastroenterologists get more time to spend with patients."

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Given Imaging

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